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Available in 16" frame only

Prices from £55.00

Viola's are great little plants that will produce a profusion of flowers in autumn and spring. Available in a multitude of colours. These beautifully dainty flowers will add a splash of colour to your garden when there are limited flowers around

Moss lined copper frames can be filled with any colour combination of your choice.

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Autumn/Halloween - can be supplied with or without mini pumpkins (munchkins)

Available in 16" frame only

Prices £80

Perfect to hang on your door for Halloween.
Bright orange viola planted with evergreen perennials - heuchera and ajuga - for a continual foliage display year after year.
Wreaths can be decorated with these cute little pumpkins, called munchkins!

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Available in 12" or 16" frame

Prices from £75-£100
This living wreath is packed with evergreen plants - ferns, variegated sedge grass, ajuga and punctuated with sweet little, bright violas. It will bring colour and interest right through the autumn and winter months and then beyond

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