Available in 12" &16" frame only

Price from £75-£100

These stunning living wreaths are packed full with heuchera, ferns, mini hostas, carex grasses and ajuga. We can mix and match preferred plants and colours. These evergreen hanging gardens will give all year colour and grow for many years

If you wish, plants can be transplanted into your garden and the frame can be either refilled by yourself or through our  'refill and refresh service'. Contact us for details



Available in 12" and 16" frames

Prices from £75 - £100

This beautiful wreath is filled with a mixture of evergreen ferns and trailing Muehlenbeckia. All ferns used are hardy and therefore

 this living wreath will produce a continual display throughout the year. Perfect for those empty shady corners of the garden

Require shade or semi shade conditions

Contact us for details

email liz@thelittlehgc.co.uk or connect via social media

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