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These are a unique and exquisite range of designs. Exclusively made by The Little Hanging Garden Company. We specialise in echeveria succulents and sedums, which are propagated and grown in our greenhouses. We use these plants to make our signature product - Succulent Living Wreaths. Our copper frames have been designed by ourselves and are handmade in our workshop. They are lined with hessian and filled with our special soil mix. Each living wreath is made carefully by hand, using plants from our succulent plant collections. Plants are artistically placed, choosing textures and colours to achieve a living work of art. Plants are inserted bare rooted or as cuttings and allowed to grow for 4/5 weeks before selling to customers. No two will ever be the same

Succulent living wreaths are available to order March to November and available in 12" - £98 or16" - £125 

Succulents will require a good bright, sunny position and be protected from frost or prolonged rain. Full care instructions will be included with your order

Our living wreaths are made to order, so please allow 4 weeks from ordering to dispatch. Once planted our wreaths are left flat for a couple of weeks to allow time for the plants to root and bed in. They are then hung for a further 2/3 weeks to ensure all roots have taken and the plants are growing strongly before sending to our customers

Plants used in our succulent living wreaths include echeveria, sedum, pachyphytum, Graptosedum,  Hawthoria, senecio, Portulacaria and many more


All living wreaths are hand made to order and may vary slightly from image shown


Please contact us if you have any bespoke requests........

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