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  • 1) Are they growing
    All living wreaths are made from a handmade copper frame. The frames are either lined with hessian or moss and filled with specially mixed soils. The rooted plants are then inserted into the soil and left flat for a number of weeks so the roots can take hold, before they are sold
  • 2) How do you water them?
    Succulent plants prefer being watered from underneath rather than above. So we recommend laying your living wreath in a tray or large trug, which has been filled with enough water to come approx half way up the side of the wreath. Leave for a good hour to soak. Take out of the water and leave flat to drain for a while before re-hanging.
  • 3) I always kill succulents
    The most common reason for succulent deaths is due to overwatering. You have to wait until the soil in absolutely bone dry before you need to water it. Or when the leaves begin to pucker. Succulent plants thrive in arid landscapes and store water in their leaves. They are used to intermittent rain fall and know that when it does rain it will be a deluge. Remember: you cannot kill a succulent from under watering it, but you can if you overwater it!!
  • 4) Where do I hang it/ do I have to hang it?
    You can hang your wreath on a wall, fence, gate, balcony, front door. Or you could lay it on a table as a decoration or place a candle in the middle for an added affect. A bright, sunny area is best, but during summer it is best to avoid the full midday sun
  • 5) Can I keep it indoors?
    If kept indoors then bright natural light is required. Near a south facing window is ideal. Please note: the colour of the foliage will alter according to light levels. The colours tend to be brighter when the plants are kept in bright light/sun. When kept in shade the colours tend to fade.
  • 6) What are they growing in
    The succulent wreaths are filled with a specially mixed soil, which includes grit, perlite and vermiculite
  • 7) Should I fertilise my wreath?
    Your wreath would enjoy some yearly nourishment as it grows in only a little soil. Once in the spring is fine but if you think it needs another feeding, then again in late summer. You can use an organic balanced liquid fertilizer, added during watering
  • 8) How long will my wreath last?
    If you follow the care instructions, protect from heavy prolonged rain and protect from frost and bad weather in the winter then the plant will last for as long as you love and care for it.
  • 9) Are they real?
    Yes they are all real. The majority of succulent plants are propagated and grown within our greenhouses
  • 1) How will I know if my kokedama needs watering and how do I water it?
    If the plant ball feels `light` or the plant is wilting, then the plant needs to be watered. Just submerge the whole moss ball in a clean bucket of water. Make sure it is fully submerged up to the base of the plant. Then wait until it stops bubbling. Plants love rain water, but it is not necessary if you don’t have any. Also if go away for a while you could put some more water in a dish or plate to keep some humidity around the plant longer. For the moss to stay fresh, it helps to give it a spray of water now and again when it feels dry. This will depend on the humidity in your home, or the heat of the outdoor sunshine On rare occasions, mould can form on the moss. This will be due to too much watering or lack of air around the plant. If this happens, wipe off the mould with diluted washing up liquid.
  • 2) How are kokedamas made?
    Kokedama's originated from Japan and are often called Japanese moss balls. They are made by placing a plant's roots in a ball of specially mixed soil, covered in soft green moss and then tightly wound with string
  • 3) Does being in a moss ball restrict the plant or prevent it from growing happily?
    No, not at all, it does not alter the natural life process or growth, in fact it produces a better environment to grow in than a normal plant pot. You can see bubbles form and you will know exactly how much water your plant needs. Remember, you do need to fertilizing your plant in Spring, Summer, and Autumn, depending on what plant you have bought.
  • 4) Does internal heating, air conditioning affect my indoor kokedama?"
    Internal heating, air conditioning, and under floor heating can affect your plants. To avoid this we recommend that you spray the leaves of the plant with water to keep them hydrated. Also keep them near a source of ventilation. Avoid places with hot or cold drafts, as this may cause leaves to turn yellow or brown Light - most indoor plants prefer bright but indirect light. Avoid sunny window sills
  • 1) How do I water a terrarium?
    Only water when the soil is completely dry. This will depend on where you have the terrarium situated. Never spray the plants as this will mark the leaves or even rot them. Always water by pouring a little water onto the gravel or soil at the front of the terrarium opening. You may have to tilt the terrarium back a little for a few minutes while the water is absorbed by the soil. You can never over water, as any excess water will seep out of the opening. Always remember: you cannot kill a succulent from under watering it, but you can if you overwater it!!
  • 2) Will they stay the terrarium forever?
    The plants will eventually grow too big for the terrariums, but succulents do grow slowly, to maintain their small size for longer you can pinch or prune them back. Cuttings can be planted into a pot once callused and will produce additional plants
  • 3) Where should I keep the terrarium?
    Succulents need good natural light to prevent them from becoming leggy and to keep their colour. Do not however, keep them on a window sill that receives full sunshine as this will burn the leaves through the glass
  • 4) Can you hang up a terrarium?
    Yes, most definitely. You can use string, ribbon, hessian. Anything you like. They look particularly eye catching when a number are hung together in a group, but at different heights. Just remember you have to be able to reach them to water and care for them
  • 5) Can you supply terrariums or single succulent pots for wedding favours?
    Yes, we do a bespoke wedding service. Please contact us at: for more information
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