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Kit Includes:-  18cm bowl, 4 x large succulent plants and additional sedum plants (rooted & unrooted), decorative top gravel, specially mixed succulent soil and bottom drainage gravel, assembly and care instructions


All plants are grown in our own greenhouses and handpicked the same day your order is packaged and sent out. Plants are securely packaged and sent bare rooted or as cuttings - cuttings generally take around 2 weeks to root


If your order is being bought as a gift the following may be of help - the succulent plants will not want to be in the box for any longer than 4 days before they will need some natural light. Once opened they can remain unplanted for a while. Just make sure they are upright and not laying down or they will twist towards the light. Because of this we are happy to delay posting for you, just send us a message


Succulent plants have the ability to thrive on low maintenance because they store water in their leaves. They require a good natural light source so place near a window. Always underwater, as over watering could kill them





Succulent Filled Glass Bowl 18cm

  • We deliver free of charge to the following local postcodes:

    If you live in one of these postcodes please choose 'free local delivery' otherwise choose 'Standard Delivery' which is £ 6.50

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